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Summer Programme Cancellation Announcement

Due to the Government's revised social distancing measures, and in ensuring the health & safety of our community, the HKA Summer Programme scheduled from 29th July to 16th August has been cancelled. Please contact your summer programme activity provider to make arrangements for refunds. For any other queries please contact



Join HKA’s Playgroup designed specifically for 2-3 year olds and their caregivers! 

Take advantage of a FREE 6-week taster session or secure your space for the entire year! Our Playgroup programme is for 2-3 year olds and accompanying adults. Children who are 3 years of age can transition to an unaccompanied programme designed to support children with becoming self-directed as they learn and develop at their own individual pace. For this hands-on shared learning experience, our Early Childhood educators have adapted the International Baccalaureate framework to stimulate young minds and support children as makers of their own meaning. Join HKA's Playgroup and experience the joy of discovery with your child!


Our Playgroup is a bespoke learning experience that includes many exceptional features. Each class is led by an English language teacher and co-taught by a native Mandarin speaker.  The Playgroup classroom opens out directly onto our phenomenal outdoor playscapes, and as part of the HKA community Playgroup participants are invited to a variety of community events and parent education opportunities as well as have access to our outstanding library and specialist teachers. Participants can also guarantee an invitation for assessment for the following school year. If the deposit is paid for the following school year, not only are you eligible for the HKA assessment, you are also guaranteed a Playgroup place for the ENTIRE year - FREE!

Age Criteria

  • 2 years of age as of 31st August of the enrolling year
  • No older than 4 years of age as of 1st September of the enrolling year

Accompanied Playgroup

HKA's accompanied Playgroup is for children and an accompanying adult. The accompanying adult may be a Parent, Domestic Helper or other caregiver as designated by the parent.

Unaccompanied Playgroup

To be eligible for HKA's unaccompanied Playgroup children must meet the following criteria:

    • 3 years of age
    • Toilet trained
    • Completed a 6 week accompanied trial

*Please note that placement in the unaccompanied programme is subject to availability.

Each of the four sessions of the HKA Playgroup has up to 12 children and their caregivers.

To enrol, click here and select your preferred session. Enrolment is on a rolling basis. Programmes begin on either Monday or Tuesday. If your preferred session is full, we will be happy to include you in the waiting pool for that session. In the meantime, you are welcome to attend a different session where space is available.

The first six weeks are free! After the free taster period, participants will have the opportunity to extend Playgroup participation for the whole year upon deposit for enrolment at HKA for the following school year.

Families can sign up to join the Playgroup and secure the space for the entire year by paying the non-refundable deposit upon entry. Or enjoy the Free Six Week Taster where, at the end of week 4, parents will be asked to either make a deposit for future enrolment at HKA or informs the school that the child will not be returning after their free 6 week taster period concludes. Based on your child's engagement and participation in Playgroup the assessment procedures may be waived and a Pre-K space secured for the following school year.

  • To continue in the Monday/Wednesday/Friday sessions, a HK$18,000 deposit will be required. (HK$12,000 for students starting January)
  • To continue in the Tuesday/Thursday sessions, a HK$12,000 deposit will be required. (HK$8,000 for students starting January)
  • To continue in the 5 day session a HK$30,000 deposit will be required. (HK$20,000 for students starting January)

33 Wai Man Road, Sai Kung, New Territories, Hong Kong SAR
+852 2655 1111

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